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Are you struggling to

engage your team in business


Do you feel

unheard in critical meetings

or presentations?

Are you overwhelmed

by navigating stakeholder


Have you missed out on

growth opportunities due to

personal branding?

Start Your Leadership Development with 360-Degree Storytelling Program

  • Unleash the complete spectrum of storytelling from ‘knowing storytelling’ to ‘doing storytelling’ to elevate your leadership impact as a brand

  • Master the art & science of storytelling for business communication, client or investor presentations, job interview, executive presence, personal & digital branding, personality development, and public speaking, industry positioning

  • Leverage practice-based learning to build a strong foundation to your leadership brand. Storytelling as a habit.

  • Make yourself future ready with exploring your humane assets and not fear Ai

Why Choose Storytelling as Leadership Development tool in 2024?

Be Future-Ready: Master storytelling in the AI era.

  • Storytelling as a timeless skill to Interpret, communicate and inform
  • Stories can engage and inspire commitment in new situations, AI cannot.
  • Future lies in blending human skills with AI for success.
  • Storytelling skills helps one to stay agile in a changing business landscape
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To elevate 6 Aspects Your Leadership Branding

Unlock the potential of storytelling to amplify your leadership brand across various domains:

1. Business Communication

Craft compelling narratives that resonate with your audience, enhancing your ability to convey data & ideas effectively getting buy-ins in the corporate landscape.

2. Client or Investor Presentations

Engage Stakeholders: Use inspiring stories and visual infographics to inform and spur action. Condense 50 slides into 5 powerful PowerPoint decks.

3. Job Interviews

Stand out from the crowd by weaving 2-minute career stories not career data from your 3-page resume, leaving a powerful & authentic impression on interviewers.

4. Personal & Digital Branding

Shape your personal and digital brand with stories that reflect your identity, values, and aspirations by leverage the power of LinkedIn as a branding tool.

5. Personality Development

Harness the storytelling approach to explore and articulate your external impact, internal strengths, fostering self-awareness of your unique style & brand statement

6. Public Speaking & Industry Positioning

Revamp Events: Use storytelling techniques to captivate audiences in presentations, townhalls, and more.

Do you need anyone of these? Start your leadership Branding

journey now

How this program of storytelling 360 can amplify your leadership development?

Storytelling 360 looks at the complete development of your branding as a leader

Storytelling is impactful in these various stages of your journey as a leader

  • When Leading Business & Functions
  • When Leadings Teams & Stakeholders
  • When Leading Self

The 3 monthlong program is based of a 3D Framework. Your journey from Knowing storytelling to Doing storytelling


  • Pre-work & Learning
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  • Live Application Studios
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  • Mini Group Practice
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Health Insurance

Explore our savings, quality care and wellness solutions to craft the perfect plan for your busineshen an unknown printer.

  • Business Growth
  • Analysis & Research
  • 100% Secure
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Health Insurance

Explore our savings, quality care and wellness solutions to craft the perfect plan for your busineshen an unknown printer.

  • Business Growth
  • Analysis & Research
  • 100% Secure
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Health Insurance

Explore our savings, quality care and wellness solutions to craft the perfect plan for your busineshen an unknown printer.

  • Business Growth
  • Analysis & Research
  • 100% Secure
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3 key purposes storytelling serves in business:3 P’s

For Pitching in business (Verbal & Visual): Story sells, while data tells.

  • 1. Engage teams and secure buy-in with compelling spoken or visual narratives
  • 2. Drive change and innovation through persuasive storytelling
  • 3. Navigate presentations with confidence, even in times of crisis and uncertainty.

For your industry Positioning (Credibility): Establish who is present in the room

  • Craft your career narrative to stand out in job interviews, town halls, conferences, and meetings.
  • Step up as a new leader with a powerful leadership identity.
  • Align teams' vision and values while establishing trust and inspiring loyalty.

For creating your Leadership Persona (Visibility & Influence): Be a voice in action.

  • 1. Command attention in meetings with storytelling skills.
  • 2. Captivate clients with impactful product launches.
  • 3. Build personal brand through active listening.
  • 4. Adapt storytelling to different leadership styles.
  • 5. Resolve conflicts with strategic storytelling.
  • 6. Gain consensus with compelling narratives.

This leadership branding program is ideal for?

  • Executive MBA aspirants and Executive interview candidates.
  • Mid-level Tech-Savy Professionals, Senior technology consultants promoted to New, cross-functional, client facing role.
  • Current and aspiring leaders, high potential managers, senior managers, function heads, and CXOs from various industries globally.
  • Professionals who need upskilling in digitization-affected sectors like IT, communications, automobiles, BFSI, FMCG, consulting, healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, retail, and eCommerce to be market relevant.
  • Sales/marketing professionals.
  • Professionals after a long career transitioning to thought leadership roles

Are you pursuing an executive MBA online in India from esteemed institutions like IIM Kozhikode or IIM Calcutta?
Our tailored course on business storytelling is perfect for you. Enhance your MBA journey with practical insights and hands-on experience in storytelling, standing out in class and the corporate world. Whether you're enrolled in SP Jain's Executive MBA or XLRI's VIL CHRO Programme, our course complements your learning, improving communication and leadership skills. Join professionals across industries leveraging ISB executive education in sales and marketing, elevating your career with business storytelling. Whether a seasoned leader or just starting, unlock your potential and succeed in your leadership journey with our course. Roadmap Image

Frequently asked questions

  • A product becomes a brand when itget’s brand story.
  • Storytelling in business is crucial as it makes the products memorable, emotionally connected and gives long term loyal customers.
  • It helps convey complex ideas, build connections with audiences, and inspire action. It humanizes brands, communicates values, and engages stakeholders on an emotional level, leading to better understanding and retention of information.
  • “Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.”― Robert McKee
  • Storytelling is among the oldest forms of communication. Storytelling is the commonality of all human beings, in all places, in all times.”― Rives Collins
  • By weaving narratives into business communications, storytelling captures attention, makes messages memorable, and fosters deeper connections with audiences. It can be used in presentations, marketing campaigns, team meetings, and more to engage and inspire action.
  • It can be used in presentations, marketing campaigns, team meetings, and more to engage and inspire action.
  • Data tells and story sells.
  • Whether you are in Gurgaon or any part of the globe; for professionals who are data driven decision makers but need a buy in for sales, from clients, customer relationship buildings, influencing stakeholders, introducing new products; you will benefit from the art & science of business storytelling.
  • Working with Debeshi ,Professionals across various industries, including leaders, marketers, salespeople, entrepreneurs, and HR professionals, have benefitted from mastering storytelling skills. Effective storytelling enhances communication, leadership, persuasion, and brand building, making it valuable for anyone in business.
  • ‘Those who tell the stories rule the world’- Anonymous
  • In a storytelling for business course, you'll learn not the theory but how to do it and how to keep doing it on your own in the future.
  • You will learn how create your own story bank that you can use in your own business.
  • Skills include story-pitch, story-listening, story-metaphors, using voice, using vivid share and more.
  • You will test and learning how to to craft compelling narratives, engage audiences, communicate ideas effectively, build rapport, influence decision-making, and leverage storytelling for leadership, branding, sales, and more.
  • Storytelling allows leaders to inspire and motivate teams, communicate vision and values, build trust and credibility, and influence stakeholders. It helps leaders connect with others, drive change, and shape organizational culture.
Storytelling courses for business professionals often use a combination of lectures, case studies, group discussions, practical exercises, and real-world examples to impart knowledge and reinforce learning.
Most storytelling for business courses do not have specific prerequisites. However, a basic understanding of business concepts and good communication skills may be beneficial.
The duration of a storytelling for business course varies, ranging from a few days to several weeks or months. Some courses may offer self-paced learning, allowing you to study at your own pace, while others may follow a structured schedule.
Many storytelling courses offer recordings of sessions or alternative arrangements for missed sessions to ensure you don't miss out on valuable content.
  • Storytelling for business courses can be conducted online, in-person, or through a combination of both. Some courses may offer recorded modules or live online sessions for flexibility and accessibility.
  • Talk to us to choose the type that suits you
    1. Self paced programs + Practice Studio
    2. Live seminars/Workshops
    3. 1:1 Story Coaching for Leaders
  • Payment terms for storytelling courses vary depending on the provider. Options may include one-time payments, instalment plans, or subscription-based models.
  • Talk to usto find the option applies for your program.
  • Some courses may offer discounts for early registration or group enrolment.
  • Many storytelling for business courses offer certificates of completion to participants who successfully finish the course requirements. These certificates can be valuable for demonstrating your expertise and commitment to professional development.
  • Storytelling skills can be applied across various business functions, including everyday conversations to get a buy-in on your idea or offer.
  • They can be verbal sales pitches, marketing campaigns, team building, customer relations, change management, and more.
  • They can be pitch decks, infographics, your email, your messages.
  • Effective storytelling enhances communication, builds rapport, and drives action in any business context.
  • Your personal brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room. – Jeff Bezos
  • Yes, storytelling is a powerful tool for personal branding and career advancement. By crafting and sharing compelling narratives about your experiences, skills, and achievements, you can differentiate yourself, build credibility, and create a memorable impression with employers, clients, and colleagues.
  • After completing a storytelling for business course, you can expect to get quicker buy-ins on your ideas and offers.
  • Your effectiveness in creating these results will be felt across 1:1, small group, large groups.
  • Your results and persona shift will elevate your positioning in your team, business function or industry.
  • It will reflect in your internal branding, industry branding and digital branding aswell( based on the program you do ).
  • “There’s always room for a story that can transport people to another place.”― J.K. Rowling
  • They will reflect in your conduct and communication as enhanced communication skills, improved ability to engage and influence audiences, greater confidence in presenting ideas, and a deeper understanding of how storytelling can drive business success.
  • Storytelling can bridge cultural barriers by conveying universal themes and emotions that resonate with diverse audiences. By adapting stories to align with cultural norms, values, and preferences, storytellers can foster understanding, empathy, and connection across cultures.
  • Post-course support may include access to course materials, alumni networks, online communities, additional resources, and continued learning opportunities to support your ongoing growth and development as a storyteller
  • We are building an internal Story-Coach system for our graduates. Check if you qualify for the same.
  • Many storytelling for business courses offer opportunities for networking, collaboration, and peer learning through group activities, discussions, and networking events. These interactions can enrich your learning experience and expand your professional network.
  • We are building an internal Story-Practice Club for our graduates. Check if you qualify for the same.
  • Yes, storytelling is highly effective in digital marketing and online branding strategies. By crafting engaging narratives that resonate with target audiences, businesses can capture attention, build brand awareness, and drive engagement on digital platforms.
  • Richard Branson describes entrepreneurs as ‘professional storytellers.’ He says that Virgin’s story is what attracts people to their products and services, and also to work for them-- Source: financestream dot com
  • The effectiveness of storytelling in business can be measured through various metrics, such as audience engagement, brand awareness, customer retention, sales conversions, and ROI. Tracking these metrics allows businesses to assess the impact of storytelling on their bottom line and make informed decisions about future storytelling initiatives.
  • Business storytelling, or story-first marketing, gives your customer a compelling reason to work with you or buy from you. It humanises you. And we all know, people buy from people. Moreover, people remain loyal to people they trust- Source: financestream dot com
  • Learn about the significance of storytelling in the business context and how it can enhance communication, engagement, and influence.
  • Discover who can benefit from mastering the art of storytelling for businesses , including data driven tech or P&L responsible leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, new leaders, influencers, aspiring speakers, high potential employees , senior professionals preparing for executive MBA or job seekers leadership interview.
  • Understand the tangible benefits of storytelling skills in advancing your career, such as improved communication, leadership presence, and career advancement opportunities.
  • Determine whether the course is suitable for individuals at different skill levels, from beginners to experienced storytellers, and how it accommodates various learning needs.
  • Choose your level- Smart Storytelling or Strategic Storytelling.
  • Checkwith us which level will serve you the best.
  • Explore the course structure and teaching methods, including lectures, case studies, practical studios, and real-world examples, to understand how concepts are presented and reinforced.
  • Find out if there are any prerequisites or recommended background knowledge required to enroll in the course and successfully complete the curriculum.
  • Determine the duration of the course and whether it is self-paced or follows a structured schedule, allowing you to plan your learning according to your availability and preferences.
  • Learn about the course's flexibility regarding missed sessions and whether recordings of sessions are available for review or if alternative arrangements can be made.
  • Understand the course format, whether it's delivered through live online sessions, recorded modules, or a combination of both, and how you can access course materials and resources
  • Get information about payment options, including fees, installment plans, and any available discounts or scholarships, to help you make informed decisions about enrollment.